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Make Money Online

Make Money Online Lately, a number of new and innovative ways to make money online have cropped up. Unfortunately, most of them require you to actually do work.  When the work stops, the pay also stops.  Answering questions, translating papers, taking surveys and others fall in this category.

It is not surprising to me that one of the first ways to making money online is still around and doing well.  It is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves partnering with a vendor of products, place their ads on your Web site and collect a small commission when somebody makes a purchase from your site.

Affiliate marketing has two major advantages most other ways to make money online do not.  They are:
  1. Open 24 hours a day every day
  2. Worldwide reach
The learning curve may be a little steep and it may take a while to get the gravy train going, but once it is going it will make money for you day and night whether you're sleeping or are awake.

Topical Hub

With a topical hub you can get involved in affiliate marketing without a Web site of your own or even an affiliate account.  This is actually the best way to get started because
  • There is nothing to buy to get started
  • Learning tools are built in
  • Participate in both ad revenue and your own affiliate sales
Squidoo and Hubpages are examples of such hubs.


Yes, it does take some effort to write posts and you want to do that often.  One good reason to start a blog is that, if you have an affiliate account, you can place product links directly in your posts and get paid that way.

Another good reason is to make links to either your topical hub pages or your affiliate marketing Web sites.  Blogs tend to get noticed by the search engine crawlers very quickly.  The links on your blog will attract the crawlers and send them on to your other pages

Blogger and Wordpress are examples of free blogging sites.

Affiliate Web Site

Contrary to popular belief, it does not take a computer geek or genius to start your own Web site.  It does not take much money either.

You are going to need a few things some of which are free.

Domain Name

You can get free domain names, but I can not recommend it.  The only ones I know aren't real domain names, but subdomain names in the format: or something like that.  If the company that owns stops offering free subdomains all your hard work building links will go out the window.

Web Hosting

There are several options for free or inexpensive Web hosting.  The free ones are quite adequate for this purpose.  Most of them get their costs covered through domain name registrations and their prices are quite reasonable.  Freehostia is one such example.

Developer Tools

You could learn HTML, the language of the Web, and make your own pages with Windows Notepad.  A significant shortcut is to use either the free Kompozer Web editor or Adobe's Dreamweaver software.

Another option would be to hire someone to do it for you on and someone to write content on

Affiliate Account

You may not be able to get approved as an affiliate until you have at least some content on your site, but the sooner you get started the sooner you'll be making money.

The absolute best place to get started is Amazon.  Their commissions may not be among the highest, but they have everything.  No matter what your interest is, they have products for it.

Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction are some others to try.
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