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Save Money Weatherstripping Your Doors


Three Big Budget Items

Housing Cost For most of us, housing takes the biggest chunk out of our paychecks.  Most of it goes to mortgage payments, taxes and the like.  Usually, there isn't much you can do about those items.  Here are three things that are much more under your control:


Fall is Furnace Check Time

If you have not already, it is time to get a tune-up for the furnace so it will run as efficiently and reliably as possible all winter long.  Make sure the filter is clean and ducts are without leaks.

Stop Air Leaks

One of the biggest sources of heat loss is leaky windows and doors.  Significant savings are possible simply by plugging leaks around windows and doors.

Control Temperature

There really is not much reason for keeping the same temperature all the time.  You can save quite a bit by lowering the temperature while you're at work or sleeping.

Lifestyle Adjustments

You can also achieve savings simply by modifying some of your habits such as dressing warmer, occupying smaller rooms in your house or lowering the temperature in rooms that are not occupied.


Besides utilities cost, maintenance is likely to be an important item in your housing budget.


Fall is when mainenance activities move indoors.


Besides raking leaves, some of us put up garden decoratings now that nature goes into hibernation.


Living Room

We may not change our furniture with the season, but most of us do make some changes to how we decorate. We're probably going to change the color scheme of at least a few items.


If we have harvested fruits and vegetables, we may need to preserve some of them for later use.


We're no doubt going to need thicker blankets to keep warm and comfortable.
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